February 20, 2021

Streetlight Board Report 2021

John Jager

As I am writing this it is obvious that winter has finally arrived! While we may have differing opinions on the joy or challenges of recent snowfalls, it is clear that we can see God’s wondrous work all around us; his perfect work of creating, maintaining, and governing all things. And so too here at Streetlight we can see God’s hand in our work, even in what we would call “unusual’ circumstances.

The year 2020 is now behind us and it is tempting to look back and say good riddance to a year that was full of unexpected difficulties and challenges. However, with 20/20 vision we can look back and see God’s guiding hand in all that we have experienced this past year. At Streetlight we too can see God’s glorious purposes being worked out.

During the year, Pastor Paul and staff were able to continue their work ministering to the Beasley neighbourhood, albeit in a different manner. Rather than meeting at the Streetlight building, many visits were made on front porches, sidewalks, and driveways. In many ways these visits were blessed with further exposure to others, for example, parents of the children who would regularly attend the youth programs at our building. Since the COVID-19 pandemic has had, and continues to have, a significant impact on many of those in need, Streetlight has been able to help, not only in word, but also in deed. In this newsletter you can read reports on the work being done by staff, including the activities during December related to Christmas. There are regular updates and videos on social media so we encourage you to stay connected with this work via Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube.

We can also look back with thanks for the support we have received from the supporting community. During the year, the increased costs for aid to those with financial needs and slower donations had the board’s prayerful attention as we continued to run a financial deficit. However, with thanks to our heavenly Father who always provides, we received significant support in the final month of 2020, and we could finish the year with a small surplus. We are grateful for the many who continue to support this work, including many local congregations (and even across Canada), many corporate donors, and from so many individuals, who each month contribute financially to Streetlight.

We see God’s providential hand at work in our plans for a new building. As many of you know, the current location is no longer suitable for either the weekly programs or Sunday worship and for many years the board has been engaged in planning and preparing for a new building. Late this past summer, after many delays, we were issued a building permit. That means we can now move ahead. The current estimate for the building is $2.6 million. As a result of the “Shine On” fundraising in 2017/2018, we currently have $460,000 in the building fun. Based on the projected building costs, the goal is to raise an additional $2.1 million to minimize the annual carrying costs. We ask that you give prayerful consideration to this need and ask that you make a donation to this important cause. A number of sketches of the outside of the building and floor-plans are available on the Streetlight website and donations can be made from this web page via PayPal, via direct deposit, or via E-transfer to info@streetlightministries.ca. A fundraising committee will be reaching out to the greater community this winter/spring, but we encourage you to donate now, as you are able.

As we look forward to this coming year, we ask for and covet your prayers for Pastor Paul and Erik, Tracy Lynn, and Danielle as they minister to those in spiritual, mental, and physical need; for the many volunteers who give of their time to assist with the various programs and activities; for the congregation, many of whom are shut in due to the pandemic; and for the board, in its regular work but also in moving ahead with the building plans.

May God receive all the praise and glory!