We believe in the One True God

Streetlight is a Reformed Church

This means that we hold to the five following principles, sometimes referred to as the five solas:

By Scripture Alone

The Bible is the authority in all things; it is the inspired Word of God and all our teachings and beliefs must be found within it.

By Grace Alone

We can do nothing to earn our salvation; Jesus Christ earned it for us! God grants us salvation solely out of His love and grace.

By Faith Alone

The only way for us to receive the gift of salvation is through faith in Christ.

Through Christ Alone

Jesus Christ is the only path to salvation. He stands as mediator between us and God.

Glory to God Alone

We desire to honour and glorify God above all people and traditions and we want to see our triune God receive all honour and praise!

Our affiliation
We are affiliated with the Canadian Reformed Churches and are supported by both Canadian Reformed and United Reformed Churches.

Want to dive deeper?

Our beliefs can be summarized in the following creeds and confessions. We consider these documents to be faithful summaries of the word of God. however, they do not possess the divine authority that scripture possesses. The creeds and confessions are always subject to and are tested by the word of God.