March 22, 2022

Shine On Fundraising Update (Spring 2022)

John Jager

It is with thankfulness to God who provides all good things that we would like to bring you up to date on the current progress of the Streetlight building drive, the Shine On campaign.


When the 2021/2022 campaign began, the Shine On fund contained almost $500,000 in donations from the 2017/2018 drive. Since our initial plans, initiated almost 6 years ago, the cost of this project has increased to $2,700,000.  To reduce and/or eliminate the need for a mortgage the Board set a goal of raising $2,100,000 in this fundraising cycle.


We are pleased to report that due to the generous support of almost 40 corporate donors and over 140 individuals we have reached a total of $1,350,000 in donations in 2021, for a total of$1,850,000.


Based on the overwhelming response the Board has decided to demolish the existing building and commence construction shortly thereafter.  

We are thankful for the overwhelming support we have received from you, and we have a special request.  During the last week of 2021, a generous donor committed to a donation of $350,000 and included a challenge that the Board reach out to the supporting community to collectively match this single donation. If the supporting community matches this donation by adding another $350,000 during 2022, this reduces the remaining amount required to under $500,000.  As we have now started a new year, we are asking you to consider our donor’s challenge and prayerfully consider continued support during 2022.


This challenge has become even more important after discussions with our mortgage provider. The provider has approved a mortgage of $700,000 on the condition that Streetlight raise another$150,000 during 2022. Without the addition of at least $150,000 during 2022,our mortgage is at risk.

After many years of challenges and delays the Lord has blessed our plans and we look forward to taking concrete steps to bring this project to completion.


We have included a link to three videos below. The first records some of the Christmas 2021 events at Streetlight, the second discusses the need for a new building, and the third shows the beginning of demolition.


 Youth Christmas 2021 Video:


Shine On Video:


Building demotion has started: