December 14, 2021

Board Report - December 2021

John Jager


It is only a few weeks until we start a new year. As we consider all that has happened during 2021, we can see God’s guiding hand throughout the year. The work done among the many contacts in the Beasley community by Pastor Paul, Erik, Danielle, and Tracy could continue, albeit hindered by the restrictions brought about by the ongoing pandemic.COVID-19 has had a significant impact on many with the community we serve, financially, spiritually, and emotionally. We ask for your prayers for those who are feeling the results poverty, broken relationships, and the burdens of life.

The Board has been busy with several major projects. Now that we have received all the required permits for our proposed new building, we have been busy with fundraising. The estimated construction cost is $2,600,000 and an aggressive fundraising drive was started early this year. To date, we have received donations/commitments of $1,450,000.We are grateful for the support from so many individuals, companies, and churches. However, to minimize the impact a mortgage would have on our annual costs, we are continuing our fundraising. We are seeking to raise at least another $500,000 before we start construction in spring 2022. We ask that you consider how you can help Streetlight’s fundraising campaign. Any amount is appreciated and if spreading your donation over multiple years works best, we can accommodate that.

During this year, the Councils of Ancaster Canadian Reformed Church and Blessings Christian Church have been inactive discussions regarding transitioning governance of Streetlight from Ancaster to Blessings. Ancaster has been involved in Streetlight since its beginnings over 22 years ago. However, since Blessings, and its church plant, Mercy Christian Church, are both located in the lower part of the city, the potential synergies of these three churches working together can be beneficial for the work being done by all three churches. We ask for your prayers for a successful conclusion of these discussions.

As we look forward to 2022, we ask for your continued support, both in prayer and financial support, as we strive to bring the gospel to those who so desperately need to hear the good news of Jesus Christ.